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Bopai Backpacks & Bags

Bopai Backpacks & Bags are simply the smartest on the market. Made from high quality Micro-fibre materials and anti-theft designs. Not only do they look great, but they are provide for comfortable wearing, look smart and have ample room for you to easily organise your life.

Designed for Comfort

Bopai offers extraordinary designs and are made to wear comfortably. Made with high density sponge, soft and breathable, offer a more comfortable experience while wearing. Adjustable straps for shoulder comfort. Bopai Backpacks are incredibly robust & durable.

Anti-theft designs

Protect your valuable assets with Bopai’s anti-theft designs. Featuring hidden pockets and zips, making it nearly impossibly for prying eyes and hands to access what they shouldn’t.

Backpacks for all occasions 

Bopai Backpacks are incredibly versatile and be used for multiple purposes.  Designed for professionals, students and adventurers alike. Bopai Backpacks can be used for:

Next Business Day Dispatch from Australia

Noconah is a Gold Coast based business, and our Bopai backpacks are stocked here in Australia, so we can promise that if our items are in stock, we will dispatch them the next day from the Gold Coast.

28-day money back guarantee

To give you extra peace of mind, Noconah offer a 28-day money back guarantee. If the design is not what you wanted, then we will happily swap or refund your item, providing you return in the original packaging and the item hasn’t been used. Please read more information about our returns policy here.