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Smart & Stylish Business Backpacks

Looking for a smart and stylish alternative to a briefcase? These designs look smart and are smart. Select a casual design or more corporate, but all of our business backpacks feature multiple compartments so that you can easily organise your belonging.s

Business Smart Bags – USB Charging

Noconah’s range of smart backpacks come fully equipped with USB charging, so you can charge on the go, and our designs are ideal for corporates and professionals on the go. Noconah’s business smart range feature quality designs that can be used as a backpack or held as a briefcase. Most of our designs feature USB charging cable (power pack sourced separately), these bags are designed for professionals on the go. It’s the Smart Backpack designed to make your life a little easier!

Padded or Fleeced Laptop Sleeves

Further protect your electronics while you are on the go! Our business backpacks feature either padded or fleeced laptop sleeves for added protection. Avoid damaging your electronics from bumps and carefully place your laptop into the laptop sleeve.

Easily Adapt to your Environment

Whether you are in the corporate environment or out with friends, your business backpack can adapt to the setting you are in. Carry your backpack like a briefcase or for extra comfort, wear it like a backpack. It’s the modern business bag that offers HUGE potential.

Anti-Theft Designs

Keep your assets safe with our anti-theft designs. Hidden pockets and zips will ensure your valuables are out of reach of prying hands. Lock passports and important documents in the hidden back pockets, and easily access your wallet and keys with our special easy access compartments. Noconah’s Business Backpacks are designed to make your life easier.

Australian Owned & Operated

Noconah is an Australian owned and operated business. Our warehouse is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, which means that when you order through us, we will have your order dispatched next business day … no international delivery waits. Additionally, if you need to send the item back to us, you won’t have to pay for international shipping … we’re right here in Australia!